Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Ulta3 Army Green Frankenpolish

I've decided there are a serious lack of greens in the Ulta3 range. And there certainly aren't any green cremes other than the neon green Jelly.  I wanted to create an army green colour to use in my camoflauge mani and I don't think this turned out too bad.

I started with about half a bottle of green jelly, then added lily white and black satin a little at a time, gradually lightening and darkening the colour.

Here it is on the nail.  An interesting green, but it was perfect for my camoflauge manicure.

Maybe it's a bit Ugly Awesome too? What do think?


  1. Seriously, you're making me determined to Franken. Too bad I can't think of a colour I want to make... Where do you get the empty bottles from?

    I actually quite like the colour you've made here.


  2. I like the new color too,although, I wouldn't wear it. I am not a big green fan. You might can call it Ugly Awesome!

  3. Re the empty bottles. The cheapest ones I found online were $1.50 each + postage, so I figured I may as well just use Ulta3 bottles. I stock up on clear polish whenever I see it, and when I'm ready to franken I empty that into a larger glass bottle. That way I'm not wasting it. Also the labels on the Ulta3 bottles peel off really easily.

  4. Just the right shade of green for a gold Konad design overlay - very Aussie then!

  5. nice color !!
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