Friday, April 30, 2010

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Mode - Blue steel

Here the second of the three Mode cosmetics polishes.
This is Blue Steel *sucks in cheeks and stares intensely at camera*

Despite not being able to get images of Derek Zoolander out of my head now, I want to express what a lovely polish this is.

It really does match the blue steel name very well, because it's a blue metal colour, with a light blue shimmer. It reminds me of that blue crusher dust that you compact down with a whacker before laying pavers. 

It applied very smoothly with no brush lines. This was two coats.  YAY fore Mode polish again.


  1. That is gorgeous and I need it! O.O

  2. It's a gorgeous polish isn't it - one of my favourites. I'm really impressed with the Mode polishes, I get great wear out of them and not one chip, only tip wear. Their top coat has also served me well as a base coat.


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