Monday, April 19, 2010

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Ulta3 - Neutrals and Corals

Lets get straight into it.

Allure is a pale pinky, mushroom, bone, off white polish.  I feel like the Twelfth man describing Richie Benaud's jackets with this one. This was three coats, and if you look hard you can still see the nail line.  It's a nice colour on its own, something different to a straight white polish and a nice alternative to a french polish.

Neutral - This is another one of the 'old' version polishes that I got a week or so ago.  It's nothing like the other brown version of neutral that I have, this one really is much more neutral on the nail, and hence a better match for the name.  Here I go again with the bone, ivory, cream descriptions of this polish, but this one actually has a beautiful silver shimmer to it.  This was three coats.

Bamboo - I think one may fall into the ugly awesome category.  I think it's a rusty brown creme.  Sort of a creme version of Tropez.  It's a unique colour, a bit icky, I'm not sure if I like it or not.  This was two coats.

Romance is a pale coral with a strong crystal shimmer. It looks very pretty on the nails, and is very sparkly in real life.  This was three coats, so if you want opacity then this one doesn't quite cut the mustard.  There is also an old version of this around too, but I didn't swatch it separately, only in a comparison swatch.

Pink colada - This version is the 'old' one, bought a few weeks ago.  Again, it's nothing like the other version of pink colada, which is basically a bright red.  This is a sheer coral pink with almost a greeny gold shimmer to it.  It applied very smoothly for a shimmer and didn't have any streaks.  This was three coats.

Til next time.


  1. Dang the old Pink Colada is pretty. Also matches the name better than the new one!

    I haven't seen Romance around but I like the look of it. Might go digging in the bin again soon.


  2. Allure looks SO pretty! I know it has heaps of raves but I just couldn't apply it properly. I ended up frankening with it, making a light mauvish-grey. Maybe I gave up too soon and should get another bottle?
    I'm not a fan of the old Neutral. Prefer the new one waaay more. I'm not sure if I like Bamboo either. Pink Colada looks nice! It reminds me of when I layered (I think) Pink Supreme and maybe Romance together, and it reminded me of Orgasm blush! It was gorgeous! I should find out what combo I used again!


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