Saturday, September 24, 2011

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Picture Polish Metallic Mush

I have been eyeing off this Picture Polish shade for a little while, and when they organised the Blog Fest, this was one of the polishes that I went searching for.  I found the blogger swatch over on Sawan's blog where I thought it looked beautiful, so I decided to grab a bottle.

If you have a bottle of Picture Polish, you would know that each colour has it's own saying written above the polish name.  On this one it is "Watch out this maybe magic!".  I know Sawan comments that she didn't quite get it and to tell you the truth, neither did I.

But as I was waiting for this to dry, it suddenly dawned on me what it meant.

The shade a beautiful foil metallic in a very pale mushroom pink.  Ahhh! *light goes on above head* "Metallic Mush", is short for Metallic Mushroom.  And the tag line of "Watch out this maybe magic!", is making a play on the magic mushroom, you know the hallucinogic kind!.  So I get it now, but what I don't get is why it is "maybe" and not "may be".  

Metallic Mush is a beautiful metallic foil, with warm tones, which is what makes it so pretty and different from just a regular silver foil. In the sun (above) it really sparkles, but even in the shade it looks brushed metal.  I still love these bottles, the shape is just perfect for stacking, and they have one of those slightly grippy, rubberised handles that makes them so easy to open.

Of course as soon as I wore it, the alarm went off in my head *dupe alert, dupe alert*, so off I went to my stash to pull out Ulta3 Envy.  My bottle of Envy is a few years old now, and it really needs to be thinned.  Of course I didn't thin it, I just put it on, so I did find it thick and gluggy compared to applying Metallic Mush, which was smooth and shiny to apply.  e

On the nail and in the bottle they are pretty much identical, and it's only because I took a chunk out of the polish on the tip of my ring finger that I can recall which was Envy and which was Metallic Mush.  I was really hoping they would be slightly different.  I still love the colour though, so maybe I will use one bottle for marbling or frankening.


  1. Love this on you, I don't think I have ever worn a metallic as a full mani - will have to soon

  2. I love this color! No brush stroke marks- the sign of a good foil!

  3. Wow!! Wish i'd get picture polishes here!!

  4. Wow!!! Now this is a gorgeous foil! Thanks for sharing!


  5. It's a lovely colour. Picture Polish have great colous.

  6. This is gorgeous!!! Wish I'd ordered this one in my giveaway prize now!!! I've just ordered the Color Club Foiled collection and I'm dying to get it!! The colours look AMAZING!

  7. If I get a chance to order some more this one is definitely on my list. I already have shade Flamingo and on my bottle it say: from tip to toe do the...Flamingo
    I find this one really funny and fresh ;)


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