Monday, September 26, 2011

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Chemistry 618

Today I have another Chemistry polish, number 618, which is a light green large particle scattered holo.

The absolutely awesome Kristy, who has the most perfect nails on show over at The Polish Haven, recently grabbed this Chemistry polish for me.  I wanted to try and fill in any gaps I had in my Ozotic/Chemistry colour guide, and she kindly went searching the Chemistry warehouse and found this.

This polish is pretty much the scattered holo version of 517, which is the light green linear holo. A lot of these polishes in the 600 series have matching colour twins in the 500 series, which is pretty nice if you like to mix up the finish on your nails.

The holo effect isn't as pronounced on this polish.  It really reminds me more of the Milani 3D polishes.  In fact I think I should do so comparisons with the Milani 3D polishes against these Ozotic/Chemistry 600 series.

I haven't seen an Ozotic equivalent of this polish, and from what Kristy tells me, the warehouse that sells these is pretty much empty, and they don't even know if or when they will be getting any more *sad face*.  I love these chemistry polishes, their bottles stack really nicely and they have the longest wand.  I really hope they do restock in the Chemistry name, rather than just stocking the Ozotics like Artform Nails are doing (apparently some day they will be available on their site anyway!)


  1. such a pretty polish! I wish I have one. hehe

  2. 618 Looks great on you, did you end up getting 523?

  3. Kristy - Yes thank you, Shatter me Claire hooked me up and I wore it yesterday!

  4. Yay, can't wait to see your pics of it

  5. So pretty! AM wondering-how do you know when you've added enough spectraflair to top coat? The first batch I had WAY too much and I thinned it out and it looked white/gray, I added more top coat and now there's not enough-it is something you have to do for preference? I just can't get it right!

  6. i love this color!!
    REally sweet!

  7. Fingers - to tell you the truth, I haven't actually created just a spectraflair top coat. I have only created full coloured polishes. I thought it would be just a case of adding a tiny bit of spectraflair to clear. You wouldn't want to add very much, otherwise it would become too opaque and you wouldn't see the base colour beneath. I would start with only about two-three grains of rice amount, shake and swatch.

  8. That is such a pretty holo! I am lemming soooooooo many Chemistry polishes! XD


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