Friday, September 9, 2011

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Pink Puke - Spectraflair franken

Today's spectraflair franken I have called "Pink Puke".  I called it this for two reasons:
  1. the reference to spectraflair being fairy vomit; and
  2. that this is so seriously pink (and I hardly ever wear pink) that I think I may puke because of it.
One thing I get frustrated hearing on blogs is "this polish looks so much better in real life" or " I just couldn't capture all the sparkles" etc.  I hate reading that cause I want to see what the polish really looks like, I need  to see the sparkle.  I think, come-on, take more photos, try different lighting, change macro setting, fiddle with other fancy doohickeys on your camera.  So can you guess what I'm about to say now.

This polish looks so much better in real life, I just couldn't capture all the sparkles.  I really tried.  I did take more photos, at least 50. I changed lighting, indoors, sun, artificial light, flash.  I macro-ed, zoomed and cropped.  I even fiddled with the doohickeys.  Short of photoshopping the pics to make the holo better, this is all I could do.  So please imagine more holoie goodness if you please.

I think it's because of the metallic finish that I couldn't photograph it correctly.  But it's because of the metallic finish that I love it so much.  Even indoors with no artificial lighting, although it's not holo, it's metallic.  Shiney hot pink metal.

Here is the recipe (just in case you want to see for yourself that it really is better in real life). Again using a 5ml bottle (so multiple for a bigger bottle)
  • 5 drops of Kleancolor metallic pink
  • 3 drops of Kleancolor metallic fuchsia
  • 2 drops of Kleancolor metallic red
  • fill the remainder of the bottle with clear.
  • 3 incy wincy straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair coarse grade.
Do you want more?  What colour?


  1. Seriously it's beautiful on you! You should definitely consider wearing more pink :D

  2. Another gorgeous franken!! I have my pigments in my hot little hands as we speak, super excited to start mixing :D

  3. I love this franken! And i want it :D It would be the perfect pink for me :D. I love your franken so much!

  4. I love this one and what you named it is hilarious! I think you also captured it well on camera, better than what I would have done :-)

  5. that is gorgeous!! Also love your DS Original dupe. Fab-u-lous xx

  6. this is so gorgeous! i have the powders, however i'm now waiting for my kleancolors to arrive and this will be the first one that i will make!

  7. It's the pinkest pink holo I think I've ever seen!

  8. Pink puke is gorgeous!! I'd like to see you try like a teal that possible? Or how about in navy blue? or grey?

  9. this looks amazing!! Great job on frankening. I have never done this.

  10. Cool - glad you all like it. I still think it's just a bit too pink for me, although my mum just said to me "But you dress your daughter in that colour all the time". Yeah but she is 8 months old!

    Kejal - I have made a navy blue one, I'll post it soon. Off to create a teal holo and a grey. I've made a black before with the 20 grade spectraflair, but I really want to do a grey one now!

  11. I love pink it's my favourite colour!!!
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  12. I hate it when you fiddle with the doohickeys and it still doesn't show the sparkle! Love your technical terms! This is awesome

  13. Gorgeous! Too bad I cannot afford that pigment right now :-(

  14. Your pictures are great!! Spectraflair is awesome :)

  15. My camera is not as high end and hates holos :(. But your pictures look amazing! And I think the name is wonderful.

  16. NIce job! It's beautiful and I'm not into pink either. My vote would be grey or olive!

  17. I love all the holos you've made so far. All your frankens. Your entire blog. Gaaaaah!...ok. Can you try a duochrome?


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