Saturday, September 17, 2011

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White holo franken

Ok, I'm not sure if this is a fail or not.  I mean I wore this on it's own for a day and liked it, and I fancied it up to wear it for a second day.  So it certainly isn't a fail in that regard.  But when I imagine a white holo in my head, it doesn't look like this.

Firstly, let me tell you about my first two white holo franken fails.

The first I created using half a bottle of Ulta3 lily white, and half a bottle of clear.  I then added the standard three little scoops of spectraflair.  What resulted was a horrible zombie dead looking grey.  

The second attempt used a whole bottle of clear with some white pigment (titanium oxide).  Again I added three scoops of spectraflair, again I got the zombie grey.

Given my success with the Kleancolour Metallics, I thought I would try metallic white to create this franken.  However, metallic white is actually a clear polish with white glass flecks.  So it actually didn't have enough pigment to pull it off.  Anyway, here are the pics.

This bottle pic shows the holo quite nicely.

Macro and on the right angle, you can see the holo.

It's barely holo, but it's still nice.  I don't have GG Light as a feather to compare it to, but I reckon they would be nothing alike.  I was holding off buying Light as a feather cause I was sure I could franken a white holo, but I think I'm going to buy it now.

Recipe, using a 5ml bottle (so multiple for a bigger bottle)
  • 15 drops of Kleancolor Metallic White
  • 6 drops of Ulta3 Lily White
  • fill the remainder of the bottle with clear.
  • 1 incy wincy straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair coarse grade
Because I wanted to avoid the the dead zombie grey nails, I really reduced the amount of spectraflair I added to this one.  It's nice, but not very holoie.  Also, it is sooooo sheer.  These pics were four coats, and VNL is still there.

Finally, like I said at the beginning.  I fancied this up using China Glaze gold crackle polish.  When I first did this I didn't really like it.  It reminded me of dry cracked skin.  The sort you get on your legs at the end of winter when you haven't moisturised for months cause your legs never show.  But during the day it really grew on me and in the end I loved it.  I actually also managed to match my outfit by wearing a striped beige and white cardi.  I totally didn't mean to match the outfit, it just happened.  I love it when that happens!

That's about all the spectrafliar frankens I have created at the moment.  I really want to wait until I get some suspension base before I make any more.  I want to do some colour morphing frankens too, but I've realized I pretty much sold everything I had, and have less than 1/4 of a gram of each colour left.  Looks like I will have to wait until the next shipment too.


  1. That's a nice shade of gold for the CG Crackle. White holo! You make the prettiest frankens..seriously!

  2. I really like this one. It's soft enough to wear to the office. :)

  3. This is a great polish!!
    And this is an awesome combo!

  4. i love your franken!! i have a holo fraken polish too hihihi! its color is navy blue :) by the way new follower here :)

  5. A true white holo is pretty much impossible to create. I think you did a good job with this one. :)

  6. Not sure about this color- might be cool layered over another color. Dont think I like it on it's own! But you are the holo franken master!

  7. I love this franken. I've always wanted to try and create one, but I've never gotten around to it.

  8. I wouldn't call this a fail, it's still really pretty!

  9. I have light as a feather and am not all that impressed with it. Gotta have pretty bright light to see the holo. You came extremely close with this. LAAF is $15 USA, and the bottle is only 9ml. I would say congratulations! and don't waste your $. (Unless GG polished are less expensive in Australia.)

  10. I GOT MY SPECTRAFLAIR POWDER TODAY!!!!!!! Wish I could coat my entire body in it! I don't want the Midas touch, I want the spectraflair touch. Yeaaah! But I still have to wait on my stuff from TKB. boo.

  11. It reminds me of ....I think Debora Lipmans raindrops but a whiter base instead of blue gray, I think it's nicer.

  12. All these frankens are really interesting makes me wish I had ordered double spectraflair. But I still like the purple best, I'm surprised no one compared it to CG's LOL but the franken looks brighter IMO.

  13. Like the white a lot, it's so pretty in the bottle!
    I couldn't wait for my suspension base to try my color morphing powders, so mixed some of the blue/green up with an old Maybeline clear I found in my mom's stuff & painted the mixture over OPI's Here Today...Aragon Tomorrow and wow! I can't stop looking at my fingers! I keep adding layers & it's even more beautiful with each layer. I can't wait to try the other 2 colors but I don't want to take this off! LOL!

  14. its nice, but it looks much better in bottle! But i'd def not call it a fail


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