Thursday, September 15, 2011

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OMG, Gosh it's a 509-61 holo - Spectraflair franken

Here is the straight silver holo I frankened.  I wanted to see if I could create a two coater, solid linear silver holo, and see how it compared to Gosh holo, Nfu Oh 61, Ozotic 509 and CG OMG.  

I'm officially calling it 'Moonstone', because on the swatch stick it looks really similar to CG OMG, and when I first swatched OMG, my mum kept saying "Oh, I love that one, it has a real moonstone look". 

I'm certainly not going to all this a franken fail, cause it's still really nice and I know a lot of people would kill to have a silver holo like this. But I'm not too sure if this really shows off the Spectraflair to the best of it ability.  Why? Cause I did what I say not to, that is, I added lots of spectraflair.  Maybe two or three times more than I should.  Certainly way more than what JDSU advised with the 1% loading.

I also wanted to try out using a french nude as part of the base to see how it would stay in suspension. Anyway, pictures first.

Recipe. This time in an empty Ulta3 bottle which is 13.5ml
  • half a bottle of clear polish
  • half a bottle of my sheerish french nude shade - really old no brand label on it.
  • 8 rather heaped straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair coarse grade
I'm not sure if using the french polish as a base also contributed to making this less holoy, or whether it's just because I used too much spectraflair.  Compared to my tan/beige coloured holo this looks rather drab. 

But using half a bottle of french nude certainly made it stay in suspension really well.  I don't have to shake this bottle at all.   Maybe I should have used the french nude as the base for the coloured polishes, rather than the silver?

I tell you, it's really hard not to want to add more spectraflair.  I was thinking "just a little bit more and it might be more holoie", "just a little more"... "Doh, too much".  And of course you can't take it out once it's in.  I also didn't swatch on finger as I was going, which I always do now.   When I get some real suspension base, I'm going to try another silver holo, and I wont be putting as much spectraflair in.


  1. Soft and lovely, but still hololicious!

  2. I think it looks beautiful! I have Gosh Holo and have not worn it yet. How does this compare to it?

  3. Does it compare to What's Dune?

  4. Looks great! Well done. I think you had to add more pigment because lighter colours take more to show the holo? I'm guessing. It just seems that the darker ones show off holo easier.

  5. Pretty and Polished Lady - Compared to Gosh Holo or the original Nfu Oh 61, there is not comparison. They out-holo this franken by a mile. It is similar to CG OMG.

    denisefh - sorry, I don't have What's Dune? But I think where this may differ is that it is quite opaque, What's Dune looks very sheer.

    nailXchange - Yeah I agree, darker colours show off the holo much easier and you don't need as much spectraflair.

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  7. I wouldn't call this a fail!
    You may not be able to remove the Spectraflair from this franken, but you can dilute it. Just pour off some of the franken into another bottle, and then add some regular polish to the bottle. Btw, the polish that you poured off can then be used as a base for another franken. :-)

  8. Bunny - I'm gonna totally do that! While I like the opacity of it like this, I think it will get holoier with more clear added.

  9. Wow! I would take it if you don't want it ^^ :D

  10. How do you clean out your old polish bottles?

    Also have you tried a vampy red with Spectraflair before?

  11. Sporky - to clean my bottles, If there is any remaining polish, I pore it into a plastic bag, let it dry then throw in the bin. Then I use straight acetone from the hardware store. Fill the bottle half way, add a couple of ballz, shake a lot, then empty into a bag. I do that a few times and they are pretty much clean. Then I do a soap and water clean and leave them open to dry out.

    I haven't tried a vampy red with spectraflair yet. You know I'm not sure if I have a vampy enough red to try it with. I will have to do a search through my stash. I'm guessing it will end up as a burgundy/maroon holo.

  12. I really like it so no fail in my book! This will be the first franken I'm going to create when the specktraflair arrives :-)

  13. it is still nice!! and is holo! I couldnt ask for more :)

  14. Wow!!
    So awesome!!
    This is magical powder!

  15. Very Nice!!! Light colored holos are always so fairy like.
    Have you ever seen OPI's What's Dune? Can you try to franken it? I'd love to have the recipe.
    But, it's only a suggestion :)

    You make some lovely frankens!!

  16. you are killing me with all these awesome holos! Send them all to me!

  17. Hi i'm a new follower! this holo looks great! Really love your franken polishes!


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