Friday, September 30, 2011

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Spectrafranken - Purple Haven

Another spectrafranken today, cause I have so much fun creating them I just can't stop myself.

As soon as I created this polish I instantly knew who it reminded me of.  Kristy from the Polish Haven. You see Kristy has an addition problem with purple polishes, so I have named this franken after her blog. Purple Haven.  

When I went to create this franken, I was looking through all my Ulta3 swatches looking for something dark, but with a jelly finish.  I spotted Gooseberry, which is a very dark purply plum, the clear polish and the spectraflair really lightened it up and created this soft dusty purple.  I really love it.

This was make using:
  • 2/3 bottle of Ulta3 Gooseberry
  • 1/3 clear polish
  • 3 incy wincy straw spoonfuls (each the size of a grain of rice) of Spectraflair coarse grade
Don't forget to get creative and email me your spectrafrankens and/or colour morphing frankens, and go in the drawn to win three Picture Polishes.


  1. Awesome franken and it is indeed perfect for Kristy!!!

  2. Wow Cathy, that's so pretty & I'm truly flattered that you named Purple Haven after my blog :o)

    Also this is a bit of a spinout because I was just showing Margie today a purple holo I made with nearly the same recipe but a bit lighter and with a few drops of Kleancolor metallic purple

  3. Ohhhh I LOVE it! I have Gooseberry too - wooop!!!

  4. Kristy definitely loves her purple!! Very awesome holo as usual!

  5. So great!!
    I love this color!
    I'm working on your franken contest!

  6. Eeeeeee! I final got up the gumption to use my spectraflair today. Made a topcoat. It turned out EXACTLY like I wanted. SF is def a gateway drug. I r hooked! Have u received the suspension bases yet? I used the mica/pigment base. Glamour I think it's called. No separation yet. Since this a.m. anyway.

  7. I just published a Specktraflair franken post, I had to ration it bevause I just have 1 gram of it!

  8. I want a polish named after my blog! Haha Such a great color.

  9. I'd Love to get creative and start making spectrafrankens and/or colour morphing frankens.
    But I can't as I am on hold for the new pigments to arrive. It's going to be so much fun! Loving your frankens


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