Friday, September 2, 2011

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Suspension base and Peripera Crystal Beige

First up for my Aussie followers that are looking for a suspension base for their frankens.  I sent another pestering email to the lovely Kaila at TKB Trading to see how she was going with haz mat training so she can ship the franken bases internationally.  

She wrote back this morning making us a "girl scout promise" that she would complete the training required by FedEx, no later than September 18th AND upon completion she would issue an Aussie polish coupon code for all her friends down under to use at the TKB site!! Sweet! No more straining polish for you Stef!  And no more stupid shake, shake, shake, shake for all of us when using glitter, micas, spectraflair etc. YAY! No backing out now Kaila, we will all email you on the 18th to see if you kept your promise ;)

All I'm wondering now is how much FedEx shipping is going to be.  I know to get the Spectraflair Fedex'ed to me after it is manufactured is costing me just under $100, and that is a small light package.  Lets cross our fingers!

Now on to today's polish.  Like I mentioned yesterday, here is another Korean Peripera polish.  This one is #P012 Crystal Beige.  It's another foil finish, but has different sized beige glass flecks.  It's really sparkly in the sun, and still looks great indoors too.

Although this photo is very glarey, you can see the different sized glass fleck particles.

See how nice it is indoors still.  Again it is another cool toned gold polish to add to my collection of a zillion other cool toned gold polishes.  That is the one colour and finish polish that I just can't stop myself buying.  Is anyone else like that with a single colour?  I mean, seriously, do I really need 40 odd cool toned gold polishes?

Now I promised Tina that I would show a bottle picture, so you can all see the very cute little cat bottles, but I still haven't taken the photos. Sorry.  I promise I will do them for tomorrows post!


  1. I can wait ;). Beautiful color!


    And dayum.. cool golds look so great on you :)

  3. What a beautiful colour

    That's great news about TKB trading - good work!

  4. Very pretty. It's nice to see all the details in your pictures

  5. Very pretty and work appropiate!

  6. When the opportunity arises, buy the suspension base(s) in bulk. It doesn't have to be used at full strength which cuts down on coats.

  7. That bottle looks really pretty! Wish more were like that! This color is very blingy!

  8. very awesome polish!

  9. Thanks everyone.

    MK - I loved your posts about the suspension bases and loved that you tested them at different strengths too - another reason I can't wait to get them!

  10. Suspension Bases would be fantastic!!!!

  11. Hey, I just found that site on my own! Awesome website, I've already ordered some goodies!


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