Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Ozotic 601 - the other one

I did this swatch two weeks ago, when we were having the most amazing sunny and warm spring days (and when my ring finger hadn't grown out to match the others yet).  Now the weather is horrible with rain and storms, but at least my ring finger looks normal again.

Anywho, when I first posted about Ozotic 601 I showed an amazing large particle holo, with very a obvious linear rainbow. I suspect a few ladies may had gone and bought it then and I feel my pictures might have mislead people. Because then I started seeing swatches pop up of 601, and they looked totally different to mine, and I hate to say it, not as holoie as mine.

It killed me knowing that there was another version of this, so I had to get it to compare.  This is the new version of 601 which is the version Picture Polish sell.  My older version was sourced from Tip Trendz, who have now sold out and restocked with the new version too.  So if you don't have the older version already, too bad, so sad :(

The new version is a much brighter pink.  It still has a scattered holo effect, but nothing like the older version.

Here are the two bottles lined up.  The older shape on the left and the new one on the right.  Although now of course the bottles are rectangle.

This is how they compare on the nail.  The colour difference is very obvious, but in real life, so is the holo effect.  The new version is totally out holoed by the older version.

See, way more holoie goodness on the older version. Why is that? 

Man it makes me crazy when a polish brand changes the colour of a polish.  I know that the Lumineye website says they hand mix small batches of polish, so there would be some colour differences, but seriously if you follow a standard recipe for a polish it should be a little more similar than these two.

New 601, why can't you be more like your older sister 601!


  1. This is almost like OPI My Private Jet drama! =((
    So sad, and the companies are totally misleading people!! New recipe, new name, is it so hard??
    Thank you for posing this!

  2. Great comparison of the two, glad I ordered from TipTrendz when I did

  3. Kvacka - yes, exactly like MPJ! I couldn't agree more with the new recipe, new name line!

    Kristy - So glad you got the TipTrendz version.

  4. I have both versions too... except my "holo-er" version of 601 is much closer in colour to the newer 601 than yours. Hmmm..... so confusing!

  5. They are so different!!!
    I prefer the new one ^^

  6. I was just gonna say I hate when polish companies change the color and leave the same name-if it's a different color-it needs to have a new name.

  7. Oh my! It's so awful when this happens. :( In my opinion the brand should change the polish's name/number and retire the old name/number when there is a drastic change in formulation. Otherwise there will be confusion and guaranteed disappointment. Such a shame. I just don't understand why the companies insist on not changing the polish's name/number when they blatantly change the formulation.

    On a happy note, beautiful photos! I love both of these pretty pink holos! It is always wonderful to see gorgeous holos sparkling in the sun. <3

  8. WHYYY DO THEY DO THIS??? It's so frustrating! Exactly what I was thinking too Kvacka-MPJ drama all over again. It's ridiculous.

    Nonetheless though, they both look great on you ;)

  9. Stef - don't tell me there's a third version too!

  10. Thanks for the comparisons! Damn you 601 *waves angry fist*

  11. Thanks for the comparison! The older color is prettier and a lot more holo. It's sad when they change the formula


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