Friday, September 23, 2011

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China Glaze Cat's Eye

Today's awesome nail colour is China Glaze Cat's Eye.

With a name like that, there was no way ever, that I was not going to own this polish.  It's a discontinued polish, but I wouldn't say that it is hard to find.  I got mine off ebay recently, for far less that retail price in Australia.

It is a beautiful green toned gold., which is a little sheer.  It needed three coats for full opacity.  It also has a slight tendency to streak, but I was generally able to keep those streaks straight.  Although my index finger is a little wobbly.

What I absolutely love about this polish is that when you look at it closely you can see a orange and green shimmer.  The speckled shimmer almost seems to float on top of the gold base colour.  You can see the green and orange clearly in my index finger below.

Here is a macro where you can see the sparkling dots of green and orange.

We have several kitties, but certainly our little Nahla has eyes just like this polish.

And yes, I have managed to add another gold polish to my expanding collection, which must be made up of at least 25% gold polishes!


  1. Such a pretty cat! I love this gold color-the shimmer is really cool!

  2. Altough I love the name, I will not het the polish, looks a bit frosty to me. I don't like visible brush strokes.

    You kitty is lovely!

  3. Love it! Nahla is just beautiful - my Champers has the same coloured eyes

  4. OMG, gorgeous colour and gorgeous cat, love them both!!

  5. Wow!!! That is all I can say.. WOW


  6. Gorgeous!!!!!!! Wow. I love it! How do I not have this polish?!!??! Beautiful!

  7. i love the shimmer in this color! it catches your eye like crazy!

  8. Ha ha clearly I've never had a cat, as soon as I read the tittle I was thinking why cat eye? Then I read your post and saw the kitty picture (so cute!) and it suddently clicked ohhhh! Wow the name *is* accurate. Looks gorgeous on you!

  9. I really like this shade, beautiful on you. >^-_-^< *pets kitteh*


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