Tuesday, September 13, 2011

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Unobtainium - Spectraflair franken

When I randomly asked if there were any holo franken colours you wanted to see, Kejal suggested teal or grey.  I have created a teal one and will post that tomorrow, cause I want to let you all recover from Kristy's amazing Terrific Teal franken first.

So here is they grey franken I created.  I have called this "Unobtainium".  If you saw Avatar you will know what I'm talking about.  To me, this is what unobtainium would look like.  A steely metallic metal with precious and rare crystals sparkling through.  Corny? Yes. Cool? Absolutely!

I was so happy with how this turned out.  Particularly that it looked like it was meant to be a grey holo, not a black holo that had too much spectraflair added to it.

Here is the recipe, using a 5ml bottle (so multiple for a bigger bottle)
  • 8 drops of Kleancolor Metallic Black
  • fill the remainder of the bottle with clear.
  • 3 incy wincy straw spoonfuls of Spectraflair coarse grade 
I have the teal one to show tomorrow, and another brighter blue one.  I'm also going to try (third time lucky) to make another white holo.  I promise I will share it this time, whether it be good or bad.

I've also had requests for a dark green one - although I don't own many dark green polishes to use as a starting point, so I'm not too sure how it will do that!

I also have done a plain silver one, just to see how it compared to Ozotic 509.

So stay tuned if you like the spectraflair frankens.


  1. Wow!! Thanks for putting up my requests! Love the grey...cant wait to see the teal!!

  2. Absolutely amazing once again! You really are rocking the spectra flair!

  3. I've never even thought about a grey holo. This is a fantastic colour. I'd buy it! Someone, hurry up and make these please.

  4. Oh boy my Spectraflair better get here soon because all of your frankens are just awesome and I am going nuts :-)

  5. Gorgeous. Fantastic name too. Thats exactly what it would look like

  6. Loving these spectrafrankens, I'm going to have to buy a recipe notebook to write all these down ;)

  7. I am in love with this grey holo!


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