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Chemistry 523

Oh man, please tell me, if you have a full time job, small children and a blog, where do you find time for all of it?  Of course the only thing out of those three that can be neglected is the blog. Not that I have neglected my blog (not yet anyway), but I can feel my blog mojo (can I call that my blojo?) fading a little at the moment. 

Ok, enough whinging from me and onto the polish.  Today it's another Chemistry polish, #523.  This one was sourced from another awesome blogger friend with access to the Essential Beauty warehouse. Shatter me Claire scored this one for me.  I first saw it on her blog and pretty much begged her to get it for me, which she so very kindly did *blows kiss*.

Chemistry #523 is in the 500 series, which means it fits in with all the other Ozotic/Chemistry multichromes, but again, just like the last polish, I don't think there has ever been an Ozotic version.

It's a bronze multichrome that shifts from light gold through to almost a chocolate brown.  The shift isn't strong, but it gives the polish dimension and that little something different.  This was two coats over black

Above photo taken indoors, below in the sun.

Here you can see the darker brown colour shift.  It actually really feels like an Autumn shade.  Which of course it's spring here at the moment, but I can really see me wearing this a lot come the end of summer!

So that's the last one of my Chemistry/Ozotics/Artform polishes to add to the colour guide.  Actually no that is not quite true as I have the other 601 to post about too.


  1. Gorgeous Cathy!!!

    In all honesty, I don't know how you do it - I struggle sometimes with just one little one & working part time. No one would ever guess that your "blojo" (LOL) is fading at times because your blog is freaking awesome!!!

    FYI, my phone totally wanted to autocorrect "blojo" to blowup :D

  2. Wow, that´s an awesome one!! I wish I had all the multichromes. Well, until then I will be visiting your blog often to see these pretties, haha.

    And yes, it´s busy doing all that! I totally know what you mean. I´m a single mom, I work 4 days a week and I´m a sport coach for 5 hours a week. And I´m also doing an education at the moment. So my blog doesn´t get all the attention. I post once every other day because I can´t find the time to do it daily. Keep up the good work lady!! Your blog is still great!

  3. Beautiful!!! Lol at what Kristy said about the blojo, damn autocorrect!!

  4. Thanks Ladies. Your comments make my head fat!

    Yes, LOL at Kristy's autocorrect, but better blowup than blow job! >_< Yes I only just realised after posting that Blojo may sound a bit rude!

  5. Hurrah!! Looking gorgeous as always! :D Glad you've got the set!!!! Hoorah!

  6. How pretty is that color!!! I suggest not posting everyday-I don't and it keeps the stress level lower-I don't know how people do everyday posts anyway!

  7. Nice color! We have autumn but i want spring ^^

  8. Wow, nice color.

    I just have a 5 day-job, no kids, and i can't imagine having a blog. So, respect!

  9. I feel ya on the loss of the blojo (hehe). It makes me sad because blogging made me tremendously happy for awhile and now it sometimes feels like a job or an obligation. I guess if it comes down to it, just take a little break or post less often because this is supposed to be a hobby, not a chore!

  10. Perfect fall color!! I do not think you have lost your blojo!!


  11. That is such a perfect fall color! Really gorgeous!!! <3

  12. This is a real beauty, thank you a lot for this swatch! *___*

  13. Wow, what a stunning polish. I blog 2 to 3 times in a week. With working fulltime and having a personal life I can't do anymore than that. And this work perfect for me, I keep my blojo (whahaha) at a steady level and it stays fun.

  14. Gorgeous!! I think you're doing an amazing job. I can only hope that when my little ones come along I can still hold it all together!

  15. Thanks everyone. Your lovely comments make me feel much happier about blogging, and not worrying if I don't get to post everyday.

    Some of yo ladies sound like wonder women! I say we all ROCK!

    I think if I feel my blogjo dropping I should go an franken, cause I get such a buzz from doing it.

  16. I absolutely LOVE this polish!


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