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Dance Legend - Chameleon Multichromes

A few weeks ago when I received my box of Dance Legend polishes from Russia, I excitedly showed you one of the Dance Legend chameleon polishes - Knight (the limited edition one).  You can check out my photos of that one here.  Tonight I have swatches of the six other shades in this collection, and I warn you this is a picture heavy post.

All my photos are in natural diffused sunlight.  If you want to see some amazing swatches of these polishes with direct artificial lighting, you must check out Sam's post at Fashion Polish. They look totally different in different lighting.  This his how they looked most of the time whist indoors for me.

Boggs - medium blue base with a  pink to purple to orange to gold color shift. This was three thin coats on it's own, but if you wanted to save the polish you get plenty of colour pop with just one coat layered over black.

Boo - a warm coppery red base and a yellow gold to green color shift.  This one was more opaque than some of the other and only needed two coats for opacity on it's own. Apologies for the state of the bottles in these photos. They are all still covered in dried flakies and polish from the breakages in the package.

Celia - darker blue base with a purple to orange to gold color shift. This was three coats on it's own.

Roz - a rose coloured magenta base with a gold to green color shift. This was two coats on it's own.  Other than Knight, this would be my favourite in the collection as it was so shifty in real life, and it's a different colour shift combo from the usual blue to purple ones.

Sulley - a turquoise blue  base with a pink to purple to gold color shift. This one was the most sheer of all the polishes, but it was still opaque at three thin coats.

Wazowski - a golden green base with a green to blue color shift. Probably the least shifty of all the polishes in the collection, but a gorgeous colour combo non the less. This was two coats on its own.

I'm a huge fan of this entire collection. HUGE!  I love that I can wear them alone or with a black base.  The colours are very vivid and shifty and I managed to create a good watermarble with them which I will show you tomorrow.

You can purchase Dance Legend polishes direct from the Dance Legend website.  Their English homepage also has details of their various Network resellers. Aussies can also purchase Dance Legend through Femme Fatale, which I just checked, and all the multi-chromes are in stock right now!


  1. these are incredibly lovely and Roz is by far my favorite.

  2. Gorgeous swatches as always- I'm waiting on Roz and Sully right now *rubs hands together gleefully*
    so excite! much polish!

  3. Absolutely lovely wonderful swatches and photos! I am just now getting into liking duo/multichromes. I keep seeing this collection around, and I love it. I am already waiting for some other polishes I ordered from DL to arrive, ordered one and a half months ago. I am getting anxious about the order! Just hope I am not out all that money (not to mention the polish).

  4. Yep, just pinned some of these to my ISO list. Love them!

  5. These are gorgeous!

  6. So stunning! Also, I love that all the names are characters from Monsters, Inc. lol!


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