Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Silver & blue chevrons

Did anyone notice I changed by blog layout last night?  After a bit of CSS work and a different starting template I managed to bring my blog up to speed with a responsive design.  Maybe now I'll stop getting spammed by 50 companies a week telling me they can assist with SEO and web design to make my blog responsive.

The best upside with the new layout is that it's only two columns, which means my photos can be larger (and they re size for different resolutions on various devices)  The downside is that I have zero photos edited in this size, so I need to re-edit the handful of spare manis I had to post.

Here is a mani that I loved wearing in real life, but the zoomed in photos make it look a little messy.  I wanted to have nice neat chevron lines all at the same angle, so I cut some nail vinyls in half length ways. Because I cut them, they ended up being slightly different thicknesses, and the edges not sharp and crisp.  Meh, maybe I'm just being a little harsh on myself :)

The base I used was Sally Hansen Celeb City.  The chevrons were painted with Ulta3 Blue Marlin, Picture Polish Swagger and white.  The palest blue shade is swagger mixed with a bit of white to get an in between shade. The blue rhinestones are from The Born Pretty Store.

I've been in such a nail rut lately, I've only changed my polish every 3-4 days, this makes things very difficult when you post nearly every day.  I think it's mainly because I've been on holidays for the last 7 days.  I'm far less likely to paint nail art on my fingers when no one is really going to see it in real life.  When I'm at work, there are so many people that ask about my nails and what I have on, so that always inspires me to create something new everyday.  Also, just like my prediction before Easter I've not got any of the swatching done that I really wanted and need to do.

Anyone else in polish rut and not feeling inspired to do much with their nails?


  1. i love this! i'm going to give something similar a go myself, thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Saved on Pinterest as a "Mani to do!" Great color combination!

  3. No worries about not feeling up to changing things every day! For me, there are just some polishes that I end up liking so much that as long as it's wearing well, I'll keep it on till I get tired of it... I think my record was almost a week! : )

  4. I did noticed the change in your site! I think ruts are our bodies way of telling us to take it easy for a while. No worries :).

  5. That is such a great inspiration to change nail art! Unfortunately I can't wear polish in my job, but I really like it when men ask me about my nails, I'm thinking the whole you actually care?! Agreed with Emiline, natures way of saying rest for a bit. Inspiration will come when you least expect it. :)


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