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Dance Legend - Knight Multichrome

I received a huge package from Dance Legend in the mail last Friday, sadly my delight was spoiled a little when I looked at the package and saw how banged up it was, and then heard the shattered glass moving around inside.  I knew what was in the package and I just prayed that the most precious ones had survived. Luckily they did.  All the multichromes made it! There were two casualties, one of the WOW prisms and one of the Candy Flakies.

One of the first polishes I had to try was Knight. Having seen other photos of it I knew it would be a very unique multichrome in my collection.  Plus it's gold - and so many shades of gold too!

Knight - a metallic multichrome that shifts from a warm copper to pale gold to slate grey to blue.  The formula is outstanding.  Two thin coats on it's own.  No black base required.  These first three photos are taken in the sun, then the remaining photos are taken in the shade.

I just love this multichrome.  The colour change is very unique compared to all the other multichromes I have. I thought it might be a bit like Ozotic 507, but it's completely different. 

Here is the package that arrived from Dance Legend.  Unfortunately they didn't put any bubble wrap or other protection around the bottles other than that one thin white piece of foam padding. As you can see, the smashed bottles made a mess which then stuck all over the other bottles.  I've tried to clean them up a lot and I managed to cut my finger on a piece of glass that was stuck in polish on the edge of one of the bottles. 

This package was posted on 23 December 2013 and arrived on 4 April 2014, making it just over 3 months. I actually had two packages sent to my by Dance Legend on the same day in December, the other package arrived in just under four weeks!  Very clearly one package went by air mail and the other by sea mail.  So why the two different methods?  Well the box that arrived quickly by air mail was much smaller, around 10-12 bottles, and this slow sea mail one had about 30 bottles.  Therefore my recommendation to you girls ordering from Dance Legend in Russia is keep your packages smaller.  It might mean you don't qualify for free shipping, but you will receive it months faster.

Stay tuned for lots of blog posts featuring these stunning polishes.  The WOW prisms really are something special!

Polish provided for review.


  1. I'm very sad to read this( DL is trying to act like professional and experienced company, but they just don't fit. I live in Russia and have been REALLY surprised to find Dance Legend on websites outside our country and CIS. I hope they'll change something in their routine or there will be more "spoiled delights"...

    1. But isn't it less about the size of a company and more about the quality of the polish? (which judging by all accounts is there)
      I mean, Emily De Molly, for example, has a big reputation amongst nail bloggers and she's a tiny business.
      I agree that the packaging here is appalling, but there polish overall seems to be finding a lot of fans.
      Apart from packaging issues like these what do you think is problematic about the brand?

    2. *their polish (there? sorry, must be lack of caffeine)

  2. I'm so sorry you had an unpleasant shopping experience with Dance Legend :( They really have to improve their international sales services.
    I hope the polishes will somewhat make up for it, they are so awesome!

  3. I wonder if that's only the lack of protection, or also lower quality of glass?
    I have several times dropped my nail polish bottles, sometimes on tiles floor. No one has broken, except for those from Nfu Oh - what made me to wonder if the glass quality is somehow different.

    nevertheless DL should appreciate those DL fans, that buy so much polish and promote their polish for free around the globe, and therefore should pack those little bottles with much care. It is an attitude towards the customers. The sales service does not end when the bottles left their store, but rather when the customer receive it.

    I wish you much fun with these many DLs :)

  4. I'm sorry for your injury and the broken bottles :( I was planning to order directly from DL, but may consider buying from resellers. Even if I decide to order from them, I will limit to about 10 bottles like you say.

  5. I can't believe they'd package the polishes like that for a round the world trip! Not very good customer care...

  6. That's so weird! I ordered just one DL polish a couple of weeks ago (Roz - it is AMAZING and a really unique multichrome jeez) and it came in a huge big box with bubblewrap and a ton of airbag padding. Really overkill. That was just Russia-Holland!

  7. That sucks :-( I've ordered from DL a few times and they have always been well packed. They do take forever to arrive. Usually about 2 months from Russian to Scotland and that's by air mail :-s

  8. Oh no! What a very unpleasant surprise. :( I love your photos of Knight, it looks gorgeous! I am really surprised that it wasn't on top of a base color, and that it looks that good on its own. I can't wait for more swatches!

  9. Oh, that's a shame about the packaging. I'm always so impressed with the swatches of Dance Legend that I see everywhere. Maybe they will take note of the feedback and do a better job. It's such a shame to put so much work into making gorgeous polish only to lose it all over the inside of a box due to careless packing. :(

    On the positive side, Knight looks gorgeous, and I am looking forward to seeing the others!

  10. Knight looks beautiful - so unique. I can't wait to see your other swatches. It's such a pity about the casualties (including your finger!)

  11. I am awaiting my DL package. It's been over a month since I was notified that it had shipped. I had ordered 8 polishes. Hate to hear about your experience. I was hesitant to order from Russia anyway, but could not find the polishes I wanted at one of the etailers that sell them.

  12. Aw that sucks so much! Can't believe they would pack it so badly :( How many bottles broke?

  13. Let us know how horrible it's when you recieve your pack in bad condicitions.

  14. Let us know how horrible it's when you receive your purchase in bad contions. I understand you!

  15. Do you happen to have Liquid Sky Lacquer Pumpkin Pie?? It looks SO AWESOME over Knight! I think you'd love it - it's my favorite layering combo of all time!


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