Saturday, April 12, 2014

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Dance Legend - Final Fantasy Candy Flake

One of the beauties that arrived in my big Dance Legend box was this stunning purple flakie polish called Final Fantasy.  It has a rich purple jelly base and lots of green to blue colour changing flakies.  But there is one more special thing about this polish that I hadn't read on anyone's reviews for this polish.

Other blog reviews mention this polish has a red shimmer, but it is in fact a red to green colour shifting shimmer.  Of course, try as I might, I found it nearly impossible to capture the green shift.  

This is three thin coats on its own with two coats of top coat to smooth out those flakies.

I was able to capture the green shimmer shift a little in this side on bottle shot.

I also tried this polish as one coat over a black base.  Over black, the polish doesn't look as purple, the red-green shimmer makes it look warmer toned and the flakies are a lot more noticeable.

In the photo above I captured a tiny bit of the green shift on the index finger, and below in this very blurry and zoomed in shot, you can see the green.

So while the green part of the shimmer is shy to come out, I think it's the special extra quality that really makes this polish. I don't think I have any other polishes that are both colour shifting shimmer and flakies.

I'm very glad this polish made it through unscathed in the nasty smashed up box that arrived.

You can purchase Dance Legend polishes direct from the Dance Legend website.  Their English homepage also has details of their various Network resellers. Aussies can also purchase Dance Legend through Femme Fatale, although everything is out of stock at the moment.

Polish provided for review.


  1. Did you contact Dance Legend about the broken polishes? Curious about their customer service in that regard! I'd like to order some but seeing that packaging, I'm a little scared to do so! :P

  2. That candy looks delicious! :D seriously awesome. I think I prefer it over the black, but it's so pretty either way!

  3. It's so so pretty!


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