Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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Revlon Marchesa nail wrap - Gilded Mosaic with aEngland Holy Grail

A couple of weeks back I noticed and commented on a photo on Instragram from @katherinelb12. She was wearing a gorgeous gold encrusted nail wrap that looked amazing.  She said she found them cheap at our local price line and they were Revlon Marchesa nail wraps. Then she asked if I would like to try them.  I thought about that for about a millisecond and then suggested we catch up.  Kat lives in the same suburb as me, so we arranged a coffee catch up to talk about nails.

Nearly three hours of nail talk later, I was back home and ready to play with the nail wraps that Kat very generously gave me. She gave me half of this set, as well as half of the Evening Garnet set.  We are planning some bestie twin nails very soon with those ones.

These nail wraps are called Gilded Mosaic and they feature textured dots is various shades of gold and pewter on a dark blackened brown base.  These nail wraps don't dry out, so I decided to just use three wraps for this mani. One full wrap on both my ring fingers and one wrap cut in half on my middle finger.  On all  my nails I put on aEngland Holy Grail, which is a sparkly antique gold.  I finished the design off with a row of round gold studs along the edge of the wrap and a black and gold stud on my other nails.

I really loved this mani, I actually wore it to work for two days in a row.  People at work even wondered what was wrong because I don't changed my polish over night.

These are thicker than other nail wraps made of nail polish. I'm not sure what these are made of.  They removed easily with acetone, but they don't dry out.  Because they are a little thicker, you need to work the wrap around your nail gently so you don't get wrinkles.  Mine worked out quite well.  If you don't like the textured feel to them, you can add top coat to smooth them out.  I had top coat on the nail with the stud down the middle and no top coat on the full wrap nail.  They lasted the two days I wore them perfectly, and I could easily got another 2-3 days out of them

I actually hadn't even heard of these Revlon Marchesa nail wraps until I saw them, and now that I have googled all the design, I absolutely love and need to wear them all.


  1. Wowza! This is too beautiful to take off!!

  2. Terrific!
    Eva -

  3. I love how three-dimensional these look. If I hadn't seen this from multiple angles I'd have sworn up and down that it was studs!

  4. Wow, that's beyond gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous Cathy, I got some on sale at Target too. I look at them and drool, you have inspired me to use them! Love this mani!

  6. Love all those different kinds of sparkle together!
    Very creative ;)

    Xx julia

  7. Oy, I hate when I have nail envy! This mani is gorgeous. And so unique. Great photos.

  8. Stunning look Cathy! I love it <3 and I'm so glad you like them :-)


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