Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Easter Eggs for Easter

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you all had or have a wonderful day.  We had a picnic mixed with egg hunts and a wander around a local park with a beautiful man made creek where the kids could float leaf 'boats' down to the larger pond.  They had a wonderful time until Miss 3 fell in the creek!

Here are my Easter nails.  I don't know what it is about nail art foil, but every Easter I'm drawn to it and end up using it for my Easter nail art design.  This year I did small chocolate foil cover eggs, where the foil has been unwrapped at the top showing the chocolate. Yummmm.

I used OPI Don't Pretzel my Buttons as my base. I love that shade, it is my perfect nude.  I then painted the egg on free hand, using the most perfect chocolate coloured polish, Picture Polish Malt Teaser.  I then applied nail foil glue to three quarters of the egg.  Once it was dry I applied a different coloured foil on each nail.  For that final extra touch, I added a little bit more foil glue at the top were the foil would be folded back.  I then applied a silver foil to those bits.  I makes them look like the silver inside of the foil wrapper is showing.

I wasn't worried about the foil crinkling up for this mani, in fact for a more realistic look, I wanted the foil a bit wrinkled.  Therefore I just slapped on a coat of Seche Vite to finish it off.

Enjoy your noms today.


  1. that is awesome :) happy easter back :D

  2. That's so PERFECT!! I love it! Wonderfully creative and looks delicious. Happy Easter!

  3. Love this!! Now I've got to find some nail art foil!

  4. OH that's very cute and creative :D

  5. Very cool nail art!

  6. Nice! Well done!

  7. Perfecto! I could totally see trying not to eat your own nails


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