Friday, April 18, 2014

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Pastel easter feeling nail stickers

How has everyone's Easter break started?  We've had a great Good Friday.  We ventured out with the kiddos over to the Stromlo bike park, which is a dedicated bike playground, with lots of places to ride your bike for all ages.  I was a very proud mummy to watch my Mr 5 ride without training wheels on his bike for the first time.  He was zooming around like a little pro.  His little Miss 3 sister was doing a great job keeping up on her balance bike.  Balance bikes are just the best invention ever, I reckon she be riding a pedal bike without trainers within a month or two.

I've also taken a few days off work next week, as I'm sure there will be a lot of other Aussies doing the same thing.  With Easter Monday and the Anzac Day public holiday on Friday, taking three days off means a string of 10 days off.  Whoo hoo.  The funny thing is though, that I'm in a bit of a nail polish rut at the moment and I can't really get inspired to paint nail art and swatching polishes is boring the crap out of me.  I'm not sure how much nail stuff I'll do over my holidays?

Lets move onto today's nail stuff.

I am definitely someone that will happily use a quick and easy nail sticker design as much as I will sit down and paint fine details in hand drawn nail art.  I really love nail stickers and think they fill a very important place in the nail world, especially where they can provide detailed and intricate nail art to people that either don't have the skill or the time to create the designs from scratch.

Take these nail stickers for example.  There isn't really anything difficult about them, the entire design could be recreated using stamping, dotting and nail art brushes.  It would however take an hour or more to create.  Instead I had these beauties applied in about 20 minutes.

I bought these stickers from the Born Pretty store last year before Christmas and just had them sitting there for when I didn't feel like creating something fancy myself.  The brand is Melody and I have previously done a wear test on them with the Ms Cat design.

Like I said, I purchased these from the Born Pretty Store last year, and back then I commented on the very poor state of their shipping (it took them four weeks to actually mark my item as posted, then another two weeks after that).  Has anyone shopped at the BPS more recently? Have they improved their turnaround times yet? I'm thinking of placing another order because they always have lots of new and interesting nail stock.


  1. I ordered from them recently and while I didn't quite have the same problem, I was not blown away. They forgot an item (the most expensive one) from my package and instead of just shipping it right away, they asked me to place another order so they could include it. I mean, fine whatever. I can find twenty bucks of stuff to buy, but I wish they had just sent my missing item.

    1. Ugh, that's terrible customer service!
      I once got a polish that had leaked everywhere and they asked for some pics of the item then sent out a replacement with no further hassle. I would have been pretty annoyed (nice language version hehe) if they'd insisted I spend more money to receive something I'd already paid for :\

  2. So perfect to have laying around! look like these stickers were there when you needed them. I recently ordered and got my shipment within a month.

  3. Kitties, I placed an order with BPS in February and it took 5 weeks for processing and then another 2 weeks to ship to Illinois, USA. I do expect a longer shipping time since the company is located in China (I think -- there is Chinese writing and stamps on my envelope. My hubby is Chinese and confirmed that.). BUT -- they need to speed up the processing time. I would be willing to pay more for better service in that regard. They also forgot an item but didn't harangue me to place another order like with Colleen, above; they just shipped it separately and it arrived a couple of days later. I love the products I ordered, though.

  4. I ordered in early February. Never got shipping notification. In mid-March I emailed asking for an update. No response. My order arrived 8 weeks after I placed it. Was it all there? Yes. Do I love everything I got? Yes. Will I ever order from Born Pretty Store again? Not a chance. I'd pay twice what I did for even half the grief, but I won't have to. There are plenty of other vendors with competitive pricing out there, and I'm willing to bet at least some of them care about getting repeat business.

  5. Yeah, a lot of people are taking the 10 day break I think- I live down in Rye and it's a bloody nightmare around here at the moment, tourists everywhere >:[
    As for Born Pretty, their postage has been ok IME but there's some sort of glitch where the style number reverts back to #1 when I pay for the items.
    It's happened twice now and I was lucky enough to catch it this time, but last time I got a bunch of styles I didn't want and when I checked my order that's what it said I'd asked for, so I couldn't do anything about it.
    This time around I double checked before I ordered- right style number- and afterwards- wrong style number.
    I'll probably buy from them again, but it makes me very wary.


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