Thursday, April 17, 2014

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Picture Polish Swagger - stamped and glitter tip

From one season to another, here is a mani that has a very wintery feel to me, and dare I say 'Winter is coming'.  I'm excited that the new season of GoT has started, I don't watch very much TV (I'm normally too busy blogging and doing my nails), but GoT is my one exception.

I started with a base of Picture Polish Swagger on all nails except the ring, which was just a white base.  I then stamped using the opposite colour.   Next I added some glitter tips.  I used Lynnderella Ice the snowcake for the white glitter and Forget You Not for the blue glitter.  Then lastly, just because I wanted even more sparkle, I added a thin coat of a fine holographic glitter.  Think China Glaze Fairy Dust, except this was one I mixed up myself.

I've been messing about with a new blog design, mainly just to bring my blog into the mobile era with a responsive design. I'm just struggling with the CSS for some of the widgets (like Linkwithin) to get them to work on small resolution. I know usually when others talk about doing a new blog design, I rarely see it as I always read blog posts via RSS on my ipad.  Therefore I image many of you wont even notice, as long as I don't royally screw it all up!!

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