Saturday, April 5, 2014

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Emily de Molly - Frail Promise

We got a new PC yesterday and I'm still along way away from having all my programs re-installed on it.  I don't have Photoshop transferred over yet, but luckily I had one or two manis already edited.  This is the first time typing on the new keyboard too, and of course it feels all weird, sounds a bit clicky and I keep making typos.   I can't wait to try editing photos on this new machine.  On the old one, which was probably 7-8 years old, I kept getting messages saying Photoshop was using all my memory.  That meant editing was always painfully slow.  I hoping this new machine will increase my productivity as I wont have to wait around for the PC to catch up with me.

Tonight's nails feature Emily de Molly Frail Promise, which takes me right back down memory lane to the earliest EdM polishes that were glorious milky bases with glitter.  The base colour for this one is really hard to describe.  I think it's most like a greige, a brownish grey or a grey nude.  It's certainly unique in my collection.  It contains pale mint green, pink, white, black and gold glitters.  I accented the mani with some reverse stamping (also known as advanced stamping if you are looking for tutorials). 

We have had nearly a full week of rain here in Canberra. Everything is so green, but I really don't like the overcast weather for taking my nail photos. On a completely unrelated subject, Daylight Savings time finishes tonight.  I get a extra hour to sleep in.  Someone please tell the kids!

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  1. Adorei!!!!
    Simplesmente maravilhoso!!!!
    bjos madame

  2. oh wow, frail promise is such a beauty!!

  3. Hey, sorry this is a bit OTT but do you know of any sites similar to Color4Nails, Femme Fatale etc that stock Club Color polish? I tend to go indies, but there's some amazing microglitter polishes that they have (ie the Winter Affair collection) that I really want to get a hold of, but finding any stockists here in Australia is proving super difficult.
    I've found a couple of ebay sellers, but most don't ship here (of course grrr) and those that do charge ridiculous (like, $40... wtf?!) postage.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, loving the Jewelry by Jess range- simply gorgeous :)

    1. Whoops- Color Club, not Club Color haha

  4. That's so funny because I immediately looked at the photos and thought, "Hmm, I guess you actually do get some overcast days there." That polish is soo special, I think it's going on my wish list.

  5. This is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Good manicure. If you want, I'll send you my sunlight of these days.


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