Monday, July 21, 2014

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Metallic pink ruffian with glitter tips

What's going on people? Does anybody have anything interesting or exciting going on in their lives?  Not me.  My live is rather ordinary revolving around work and then racing around after the kiddos.  My boy started back in Kindy today after the winter school holidays.  He wasn't at all keen to go, he's had too much fun over the holiday's with his sister and Nana.   

I did find out this evening that the wife of one of my husbands friends from baseball, was on board flight MH17.  I remember going to their their wedding about 18 years ago and I know they had two daughters.  My heart goes out to them and all the families affected by this tragedy. The stories I've read just make my heart break.  I makes you hug your kids extra tight at night.
Onto my nails now, and here's a mani you wont see very often here. Crazy bright pink.  When I feel like wearing pink, I go all out, like this bright and metallic combo.

My base was a sponged gradient of Kleancolor Metallic Pink and White over a white base.  I really focused on the metallic white and just kept the metallic pink right on the tips.  

Next I added more pink, in the form of glitter.  The polish was Pink World by Penelope Luz and it has a combo of pink and white glitters in various sizes.  Finally I added a ruffian line using Metallic Pink.


  1. I'm not usually a fan of the ruffian manicure, but this is gorgeous.

  2. That looks absolutely STUNNING. Really really. It's the most beautiful mani I've seen in ages. Wow!

  3. This looks really pretty :-)

  4. Really like this look :) Never tried a ruffian lol but this is great and I really want to do my own version!

  5. Oh Kitties, I am really sorry to learn that you knew someone on that flight. My heart goes out to all the families who have lost someone in such tragic circumstances. Your mani is gorgeous and I was really surprised to read you did the ruffian part last, it is so neat, you must have amazing brush control xxx

  6. This looks so beautiful! Now this is the way to wear a ruffian!


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