Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Circular gradient and stamping with Lily Anna Plate

Happy Wednesday everyone.   How is your week going?  I'm tired.  My team and I are all so busy at work, busting our buts to deliver on a bunch of projects that are all due right now (or actually a few weeks ago).  I have to say that I really enjoy my nail polishing hours in the evening as my way of unwinding and giving my brain a chance to recover.

Today's mani is one that just happened without me really concentrating on it, and I love it so much.

I created a circular gradient using Ulta3 Honolulu, Picture Polish Instinct and Ulta3 Blue Marlin.  I did the gradient over a white base, which really made the colours pop, and then I stamped using Mundo de Unas Black polish and Lily Anna 03 plate.


  1. Nice colours used here! And lovely stamping :-)

  2. Wow! Love those colours together :)

  3. Love the circular gradient! I'll have to try that sometime too :)

  4. This is stunning!
    Unbelievably gorgeous. My jaw just dropped to the floor and won't go back... LOL
    You always amaze me with your creations!
    Love it a lot! <3

  5. Great colors/gradient topped with super cute stamp, just love!

  6. This is so pretty! The circular gradient looks perfect :)


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