Wednesday, July 9, 2014

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Geckos with circular gradient

Hey everyone.  Over the last few weeks, every night when I've gone to paint my nails Ive been watching Breaking Bad from the very beginning.  I had never watched it before, and it's been so great being able to sit down and watch and episode almost every night when I paint my nails.  I'm just about to head off to paint my nails tonight and watch the very last episode.  It's been a fun ride.

For today's mani I created a circular gradient using Kleancolor metallic polishes.  I used Kleancolor metallic gold and mango and coffee addict.  The little geckos are stamped using Mundo de Unas black and Moyou Explorer 06 plate.  I used the image as is, facing different directions on all my nails except the middle finger.  On the middle finger I cleaned up all the extra dots and squiggles on the stamper before squishing it onto my nails, this created just two clean little black geckos.

What do you think? I love how this one turned out.  The colours I used are very warm and earthy and seem to match the gecko and outback feel of the mani.


  1. Pretty design! I do love the KleanColor polishes and BB - great show :-)

  2. Fantastic nails - black geckos on circular gradient is beautiful combination! And Breaking Bad is one of the most entertaining tv shows I've seen, have fun with the last episode :).

  3. A love the geckos and the circular gradient. I have yet to try that ... few questions about the stamping. When you cleaned up the swirls and dots, does the polish in the stamp dried? For cleaning the undesired polish from the stamp, do you use acetone, o just flick the polish with an orange stick?. Thanks

  4. Beautiful! I love the background :)

  5. Very pretty! Love the circular gradient :)

  6. I love this! I adore lizards and the stamping is great!


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