Saturday, July 19, 2014

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Nailene artist expression kit

Day four of my collaboration with Nailene and Sensationail Australia brings you the Nailene Artist Expressions kit.  This kit will also be included in the prize pack that one lucky Australian reader will win.

The Artist Expression kit contains three products that can be used for nail art designs.  A bottle of Artist FX sparkle Coat nail polish, a tube of fine loose silver holographic glitter and a tall narrow bottle of silver polish with a thin striper brush called Stripe Fx.

I got pretty excited when I opened up the package and very quickly realised that the Artist Fx Sparkle Coat was in fact a gorgeous duochrome top coat.  The sparkly particles are suspended in a clear base, meaning you can layer it over any colour you want.  To see the natural colour of the sparkles I layered one coat over a black base.  The sparkles shift from bright blue through to a rich purple and is clearly obvious on the nail.

Next I used the other to products to create a simple free handed nail art look.  On my pinky and index fingers I put sprinkled some of the silver holographic glitter onto wet top coat.  On my middle and ring fingers I used the silver striper polish to create some simple nail art.  My thumb was a bit of a combo of the two.

The striper brush works nicely, and I'm glad that it's pigmented enough not to have to go over the lines you painted to make sure they are opaque.  The silver holo glitter is a nice bright and colourful silver holo (sometimes you see them and they holo is pretty poor)  The tube was also easy to get the glitter out of.  But I did have a hard time trying to get many nail art designs to work with the loose glitter.  I originally tried doing some stripes with top coat and sprinkling the loose glitter onto the nail, hoping it would stick to just the wet top coat, but it ended up sticking onto the entire nail (hence my thumb being a combo of glitter and stripes)  This of course might just be because I wasn't letting the base colour dry enough.

As mentioned above, the Nailene Artist Expression kit forms part of the amazing prize pack being offered by Nailene Australia.

Australian residents, enter below for your chance to win.

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  1. Oh my, that top coat! How unexpected. Gotta be my favourite!

  2. That duochrome is so pretty, best product so far! Nice nail art!

  3. Oh wow that topper looks gorgeous! Pretty nail art :-)

  4. That "sparkle top coat" is gorgeous! Love the nail art with the silver striper too :-)

  5. I have both the gold and silver sets. The top coats in both are gorgeous! Also, the stripers work amazingly well for stamping. I'd love to see you stamp with them!


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