Monday, July 14, 2014

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Diamond light tips

Something really simple to show you tonight, a good old glitter tip gradient.

My base is two coats of OPI Don't touch my tutu and the glitter tip is sponged on layers of Lynnderella Diamond Light.

Bleah, I'm boring tonight, I have nothing interesting to tell you. 

Time to see sparkly nails and then to move along.


  1. So so pretty!

  2. Kitties, this mani is simple and sparkly. No, you are never boring! We all love you and your work!

  3. It's ok if you don't entertain us every evening :) But I do love to read what you have to say. For now, I'll just swoon over this glitter gradient and then look for Diamond Light. :)

  4. Gorgeous tips - I like :-)

  5. No, you are not boring, I have never done a glitter gradient, there I said it and I feel the shame. I have looked at several videos over the last week, looking for a nice, classy way to do it, I know I watched a couple of your videos.
    Speaking of which, my favourite on your channel is the Halloween Gradient nails, oh my. I like these glitter tips of yours because they are very clean looking and flashy without being in your face. I would never have thought of going with a nude polish, it's elegant xoxo


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