Monday, July 28, 2014

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Scratch nail wraps - Zodiac Collection - Pisces

Have you heard of Scratch nail wraps? I've recently seen a few of the designs popping up on Instagram, and then I got the opportunity to select a set to review.  There were lots of designs that really appealed to me on Scratch website, but I ended up settling on the Pisces design from their Zodiac Collection.  They are releasing a new star sign as the year goes by, and they just released Leo.  OMG I love the combo of colours and designs on Leo, I think I might have to buy a set of those.

Scratch nail wraps came from the idea that nail wraps are really cool but most of the designs currently out there are not. They work with a range of creative designers to come up with unique and interesting nail wrap designs.  The main thing I noticed across many of the designs that sets them apart from other brands, is the variety of designs in each pack.  They are not just sets of the same design for every nail. 

Each set of Scratch nail wraps comes in a set of 16 wraps in total, packaged with a small black nail file and an orange stick.  I do love that these nail wraps are extra long.  I was easily able to use both ends of the wrap, which meant I was able to complete my full mani and use up only 5/16 of the wraps.

I love how sharp and clean all the black lines are, it's an effect that is really difficult to recreate using stamping decals or freehand.  That's when I really think nail wraps come into their own. I don't get excited by wraps that have prints that can be easily created with stamping, especially two tone designs. But ones like this make nail wraps totally worth it.

I also love nail wraps for their quick application with an amazing finish.  I was able to apply all ten of these within 15-20mins. If I tried to recreated this with stamping and freehand, I would have been here for hours.

The colours in this design are really striking and bold. Love them!

Scratch Nail Wraps are available from their store. Follow them on Facebook for announcements and offers.
Wraps provided for review.


  1. These are really beautiful and as always your photography is wonderfull! I looked at the Leo set and was so blown away but at $24 price point I'm a bit hesitant to buy :( Especially when I'm pretty sure given how long my nails are I won't be able to double up the wraps by using both ends as you were able too.

  2. These look amazing - espeically the thumb and pinkie! :-)

  3. I love scratch! They began as a kick starter project. I like how easy they are to apply amd they stick well! I usually wrap my tips withem though as I hate being able to see free edge amd they also last longer. I'm thinking about getting their monthly box, but at ~$40 with shipping it's a bit exxy.


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