Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Purple orange and yellow gradient and abstract design

I am so over winter already, I've just about had enough of these cold mornings.  I've been quite spoiled for the last three months, because I had a basement car park under our office building in the city.  This was awesome for two reasons - 1. free city parking and 2. a nice warm car.  I normally have free city parking because I ride a motorbike to work, but of course that means I quite literally freeze my fingers off when riding to work on mornings like today (which was minus 4 degrees).  The other reason I'm jack of winter is because it's too damn dark!  I actually stood around for 10 minutes this morning before riding to work, just so that the sun had risen up above the roof of the house next door so I could take a sunlight photo of my nails!  I have a light box, but I still haven't sorted out my lighting issues with it to get satisfactory photos.

Here is a mani that I put on to warm me up.  Bright purples, oranges and yellows definitely make me feel warmer.

I used Picture Polish Violet Femme and Citrus and OPI I can't cope-a-cabana for this mani.  My thumb, index and pinky fingers have a gradient sponged on over white and the middle and ring fingers have a stamping decal.  I can't remember the stamping plate at the moment, and I'm too cold to unwrap the blanket (and the cat) on my lap to get up and look.

If you are somewhere in the world that is sweltering hot, please feel free to take some of our cold mornings.


  1. Very nice and I do like the colours :-)

  2. Yes I need to take some cold mornings! Florida is so freaking hot!

  3. Love the colours!


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