Friday, July 25, 2014

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Butterfly full nail water decals

I showed a sneak peak of this mani when I shared my tip about using a false nail to trace around to get a neat cuticle edge with full nail water decals. Here are the full shots.

These full nail water decals are from the Born Pretty store. They come in a sheet designed to cover all ten nails, but I have to say the sheets are only wide enough to do about four and a half nails on each hand.  As you can see on my pinky, I have to cut an extra strip from the bottom of the nail and put it up the side so you don't see a stripe of white polish.

These water decals also have some fine gold glitter applied over the bodies of the butterflies, which is a nice touch.  

Normally I do designs like this with a holo base, and while I do like the clean white base, I still prefer how a silver holo base makes these pop in the sun light.


  1. awesome...
    I love butterflies...
    and I also love water decals...
    Eva -

  2. These are pretty and I like the glitter! Cool :-)


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