Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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31DC2016 - Inspired by a flag - NASCAR

I reckon inspired by a flag would have to be the worst prompt in the whole challenge.  It's one that I really struggle to draw inspiration from. I wonder that the person was thinking when they came up with that prompt.  Certainly if we were to create a new 31 Day Challenge there are a lot of new techniques that we could include instead of weird prompts like this one.  

Anyway, I was really wracking my brain to think of a flag to paint on my nails, and then up popped a design on my Instagram feed from @dorisnailsdairy. Man I love finding new Instagram accounts with amazing nail art!

Unfortunately I didn't have the same stamping plate as Doris to get the checkerboard pattern, so I had to use a stamp that had much larger checks on it. My gradient is also looking a bit patchy and in retrospect I should have done a little bit more dabba dabba dabba.

For those that are still wondering what kind of flag this is, it represents the NASCAR flag, which is a combination of the standard car race checkerboard with a rainbow print and text through the middle.

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  1. This is really cool with the colorful gradient. :)

  2. What a clever design! Really cool! And I agree with you, this day is the worst of the challenge, it feels completely random and hard to draw inspiration from.


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