Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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31DC2016 - Inspired by Artwork

So who else is counting down the days until the challenge is done!  I actually only have one mani left to do, the very last prompt, and I hope to knock that one off tomorrow because I'm just too tired to do it tonight.  I had a very restless sleep last night.  First I was too cold, so I turned my electric blanket on my bed. Then I got too hot, so I turned it down. Except that I didn't actually turn it down, I actually turned it up.  Next I woke up in a stream of sweat and threw the blankets off, plus because I was sleeping on the very edge of the mattress to get away from the heat, I discovered that Miss Nahla cat was very happy to take centre stop on my bed in the heat, and she wasn't going to give it it.  So yeah, tired today and heading to bed after this post.

Inspired by Artwork is a hard prompt, especially when you don't feel like taking on the challenge of doing free hand nail art.  I certainly wasn't up for anything challenging, but then finding a design that is achievable is a challenge in itself.

I ended up choosing this design after I remembered a photo that I'd see of the 'new' (installed in 2015) floor in the entrance foyer at the National Gallery of Australia.  The National Gallery houses Australia's most famous art works, and is also the place that gets all the international famous art works displayed. So it seemed appropriate to choose this design from that location.  The below photo was taken during installation, and I found it really hard to find many others.  In fact I don't even know if it was a permanent installation or just a temporary artwork in itself.  Maybe I could actually go there and check it out! LOL.  It would be been pretty awesome if I had managed a visit whilst I had these nails on.

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