Sunday, September 18, 2016

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31DC2016 - Half Moons - Golden Daleks

Half moon day on the 31 Day Challenge is probably one of my least favourite ones cause I always find it tricky to think of a good design. I think I've only been really happy with one of my previous half moon designs for the 31 Day Challenge.

Today I'm happy with my design, even though it's not original, as I have totally copied a design by Flight of Whimsy from last year - Golden Daleks. My freehand lines aren't perfect but I do really live the effect of this look, not to mention the feel, cause I just can't help but rub my fingers over all those little studs.

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  1. OMG I thought I had finally lost it. Your replications are PERFECT. I, too, always find myself running my fingers over my nails when they have 3D bits on them... and then getting sad when I take off the design and keep trying to play with my nails!

    1. Thank you. Your original Daleks were genius. Did you notice I even used the same base colour? Thank you for the inspiration - and you need to get onto Instagram so I can tag you over there.

    2. I DID notice! I didn't actually know anyone else even owned that polish (but it is a soft gold, so I suppose I'm not surprised you do). As to IG...nope. But I appreciate the sentiment :-p

  2. Oh I love these! They are so fun and the little studs are just perfect for a dalek!

  3. This is simply beautiful. I wouldn't be able to stop rubbing those studs either. :D

  4. Love these! Definitely some half moon nails I can get behind!


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