Wednesday, September 14, 2016

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31DC2016 - Flowers and Digital Dozen turns 4

It's flower day on the 31 Day Challenge and I've really pushed myself with this one and done a full design freehand.  Full credit to those amazing nail artists out there that create masterpieces on their nails cause just doing this must was a big challenge for me.

I used all nail polishes for this not acrylic paints. Mainly because I have way better colour selection in nail polishes that I do in acrylic paints, which are mostly dried out cause I don't use them.  

To match up with the the Digital Dozen theme of four this week, I created four different flower design, all of them native Australian flowers.

  • On my index finger is Golden Wattle, which is the Australian national floral emblem.
  • On my middle finger is the Waratah, which is the floral emblem for the state of New South Wales (which is where Sydney is located for all those that don't know Australia geography).
  • On my ring finger is Gumnut Blossoms.  Gum trees are synonymous with Australia and these blossoms are flowering everywhere at the moment.
  • On my pinky is the Royal Bluebell, which is the floral emblem for the Australian Capital Territory, which is where I live.

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  1. Gorgeous! I was proud I handpainted one type of flowers on my nails, this is definitely taking it to the next level :)

  2. Painting with acrylics is a lot easier because of the texture, and you can mix more easily too - BUT these look amazing!


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