Friday, September 30, 2016

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31DC2016 - Inspired by a tutorial with Earth tones for 40 Nail art ideas

Today's mani marks the end of the year long weekly challenge for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge. I'll get around to a round up post sometime next week, but I'm very happy to report that I completed all 52/52 weeks of the year long challenge.  The theme for the final prompt for the challenge is Earth tones.  I was actually suppose to combine that with 'accent nail', but I was having way too much fun with this technique that I ended up doing all my fingers.

And what is this technique you might ask? Well I have no idea, but it was created by Sveta Sanders and she just called it an abstract nail art design. For today's prompt in the 31 Day Challenge, we are to be inspired by a tutorial, clearly I chose a tutorial by Sveta and you should absolutely check out Sveta's tutorial for this on youtube.

I actually filmed my efforts doing this one, so I will try edit that and get it up on instagram too.

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  1. Love your design! Amazing colors. :)

  2. Really cool manicure! Your colours work so well together.

  3. Very unique look! I love abstract watercolor art and your mani reminds me of it so much - it is beautiful!

  4. It could be on Insoired by a flag day, too.))) Very beautiful!)

  5. Fantastic!! You nailed it (sorry, bad pun, but you did)!!


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