Saturday, September 3, 2016

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31DC2016 - Yellow - Lemon waterfall

I am the queen of overachieving with this mani. You see I still have five prompts remaining in the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge - that crazy challenge that lasted an entire year!  I haven't missed a single prompt, and damn it I tell you I'm not going to let the 31 Day Challenge ruin that record.  So today I've managed to combine the two challenges into one mani.

Prompt 1 - 31DC Day 3 Yellow.
Prompt 2 - Peach or lemon waterfall design.

I can't believe that the colours for the two prompts actually coordinated together on the same day.  I'm afraid that the remaining four challenge prompts are not going to be this easy to combine into one mani, but I really don't have time to create two nail art looks and post them in one day, so I'm just going to have to become super creative and really challenge myself.

I also have to say that I'm surprised I have this many yellow polishes.  Plus they are actually slightly different shades.  It's hard to tell over the lemon base, but I used six different yellows in the waterfall.

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