Thursday, September 15, 2016

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31DC2016 - Delicate and Digital Dozens turns 4

To quote myself from last year "I've always interpreted the delicate prompt to be something that is delicate, rather that doing an actual delicate print on my nails, such a fine filigree designs or lace". I wanted to keep that theme going for year 4 and this time I went and raided my mums fine china tea cups and selected four different designs and painted them on my nails. Different ones to match up with the Digital Dozen '4' them, plus a lot of the time fine china has delicate designs on them, so it's kind of a double win.

Yay for me attempting free hand again.  I think the photos kind of speak for themselves and there isn't much point me explaining how I painted each one.  The answer to that is slowly over nearly two hours!  The finger that actually took me the longest was the gold tipped index finger!

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