Thursday, September 22, 2016

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31DC2016 - Inspired by a song

Oh my I can't believe how fast this challenge has gone this year!  We are already well into the last section of the challenge, which has some of my least favourite prompts.  Inspired by a song isn't really one of my favourite prompts.  I don't if it's just because there is too many songs out there to narrow down inspiration or what?

So this isn't a song, but more an album cover. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon. I did similar prism style nails way back in January 2013, but that time around I did a prism on each nail. This time I did a large rainbow across three fingers.

I used six metallic shades from the Pretty Serious Ghosts of Christmas Future collection to create my rainbow, and I think it looks pretty spectacular.

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  1. Killin' it!!! Fantastic design idea and execution!

  2. Great design! That's one of my fav albums (still!). I do admire how you all push yourselves to come up with excellent manis to fit the prompt!

  3. Oh wow, what a beautiful manicure!


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