Friday, September 2, 2016

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31DC2016 - Orange - crazy skittlette

I'm so excited to see all the people participating again this year. I wasn't sure how many there would be, but there are lots in the inlinkz and even more using the hashtag on Instagram.  I'll try to get over to everyone's blog posts during the challenge.  I'll definitely visit them even if I don't get a chance to comment on every post.

My orange nails are a bit of a hodge podge mix and match.  I used some rainbow chrome powder over orange polish, I used these pretty cool orange toned water decals and I used OPI Jinx, which is an orange texture polish.  I'm not really sure that the colours, patterns and finishes all go together, but the whole look feels a bit eclectic.

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  1. The detail on those water decals is amazing! Super cool!

  2. awesome !!!!!!!!!! lovely mix and match you did. really great mani <3

  3. Those vinyls are stunning! I think over all it's very fun and eclectic!

  4. The chrome and the decals go really well together! Adding the glitter is a festival of orange.

  5. These look really great!!


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