Wednesday, September 21, 2016

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31DC2016 - Inspired by a colour - Picture Polish Meow

Inspired by a colour, and today I've stuck with the original concept on this prompt that I learnt from Sarah at Chalkboard nails. That is to use the name of a polish colour in my collection as the inspiration for my mani.  In the past I've had to scan through my polish spreadsheet looking at all the names, but this year I had the perfect shade for this prompt sitting on my table that had recently arrived from Picture Polish.

This polish is called Meow, which made it pretty easy to create nail art with.  I used the gold cat sequins that I got from Lady Queen Nail Art shop last year and I double stamped the word meow on my middle finger using the letters off one of my MJ plates.

I origianlly had this mani glossing, and it looked pretty amazing in real life with the kitties blinging everywhere, but it was really difficult to photograph when it was shiny.  I did add a shiny photo below so you can see what it looked it.

I really did love this matte though, and I think it's the first time that I have ever mattified one of the scattered holographic polishes.  It looks really interesting and speckled.  Although not as speckled as my middle finger would make you believe.  My stupid top coat )OPI Matte top coat) left all those horrible white grainy bits on that finger.  I think it was some of the dried out bits from the edge of the bottle, but then again, matte top coats tend to do this when they get down to about half full.

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Bonus swatches of MEOW, and I have to say these look a little too blue to be totally colour accurate. My old camera used to be very colour accurate with the exception of purples, whereas the camera I'm using now really struggles with getting greens right.


  1. Ooh it looks great mattified! Love those cute little kitty sequins too ��

  2. Great mani! Meow looks gorgeous, esp glossy!

  3. I agree. This glitter nails are perfect. I would add some design on them ( like ). But anyway, this nail polish looks great!


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