Thursday, March 10, 2011

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BYS Hocus Pocus

I was going through my swatch box and found this little BYS beauty that I hadn't worn yet.  This is Hocus Pocus and it is an aqua polish with a silver micro shimmer. 

Up close of the shimmer.

What I love about his polish is that it's such a summer colour to me.  The silver shimmer in this makes the polish look wet and shiny on your fingers, like they are dripping with water.  It also reminds me of the shimmer on the fibreclass finish to our pool.  Although its not the same colour, it does have the same wet and shimmery finish. 

The formula was nice on this, maybe a little sheer, this is three coats.  But what I did find was that this polish was smelly, really toxic smelly.  Oh the things we do for a pretty polish!

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