Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Konading with Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever

I decided I had to spice up the black Glitter Gal holographic polish I was wearing, and what better base to test out if the newly released Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever was good for konading.

I thought I would do a comparison with my favourite gold polish for konading with - China Glaze 2030.

As you can see, these are darn close.  Gold Rush Fever isn't quite as opaque as 2030 and it has a more antiqued finish, whereas 2030 looks slightly more rose coloured. 

For $2.25 I think Ulta3 Gold Rush Fever is a fantastic konading polish.


  1. Nice comparison :) And I haven't seen that image used much, looks great!

  2. Fantastic. Absolutely love that image..what number is it please?


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