Sunday, March 27, 2011

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Artform light green holographic 517

Continuing with my holo theme, here is the next Artform holo that you could win in my giveaway.

Artform Aqua Blue - or light green to me.

This one is super sheer. This was three coats. But it would also be great for layering over any polish to make it holo.

I wanted to do a quick comparison to the Nfu Oh light green to see how it compares.  Clearly they are different animals, although the colour similaralities were there.

From what I have seen of swatches of the Glitter Gal green holo, this one looks very close, even down to it being so sheer.

What I love about these polishes is that you don't have to wear them as a holo sandwich to get good wear, the application is heaps easier than Nfu Oh (as in you don't get strange bald spots) and they dry to a nice shiny finish.


  1. Both those holos are breathtaking!

  2. I love how it doesn't look too green.


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