Sunday, March 20, 2011

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Five colour mood polish?

Last year, when I purchased my Artform holographic nail polishes, also found on their website a few bottles of five way colour changing mood polishes under the brand name of Dare2Wear.  I ordered all five at the time, but two were out of stock, and sorry, they don't seem to have them at all any more.  But I still thought I would share.

So, these polishes are meant to have five colours.  A cold colour indoors, warm colour indoors, cold colour in the sun, warm colour in the sun and glow in the dark.  How awesome do they sound!!  They had me, hook, line and sinker.

Unfortunately, they didn't quite live up to what I had hoped.  This one is suppose to be Luscious Lavender on the nail, and Baby Blue on the tip indoors, then change to Mystic Beige on the nail and Lime Gold on the tip in the sun. Finally, it's suppose to go Neon Green in the dark.

So here is the indoor pick.  I guess you could call this Luscious Lavender.  It's a nice metallic finish, not streaky and quite a pretty colour, but there isn't any difference with temperature.  I tried hot water and cold, but no changes.  I wonder if these mood polishes lose their effect over time?

Here is the sun picture.  As you can see there was a definite colour change to the Mystic Beige, but again no sign of the Lime Gold on the tip.

Finally, was it neon green in the dark?  Well, although it was the hardest picture to capture, YES.  It was really cool and kinda freaky.  I remember laying in bed after all the lights were out and giggling to my husband "tee hee, look my nails are glowing".  Although I couldn't see, I'm sure he rolled his eyes in his head as he said "that's nice darling".

I have another two bottles with other shades. I have tried one, and it is the same as this one with regards to the temperate changes.  Maybe the last one will show all five colours.  Either way, I love the two colours in this one, and the fact that it glows at night is just a fun bonus.


  1. haha i can see your hubby saying it and rolling his eyes. cool polish

  2. Love this! Pity about the tips not changing though.

  3. LOVE glow in the dark polish! I can't wait til October for Rite Aid to release the pumkin polishes


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