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Free Ulta3 polishes - just pay postage

This one is only for the Aussies, sorry everyone else. I have plans for a giveaway for my blogs first birthday coming up soon, and that one will be open internationally.

Last year, the Heat Group sent me a whole bunch of Ulta 3 polishes.  They were suppose to arrive for my first giveaway, but never did, then out of the blue they turned up.  I also have picked up a couple of duplicates along the way and now I have 40 polishes to giveaway. 

This is kind of like a blog sale, except there is no sale part.  You just need to pay for your postage. Postage to anywhere in Australia will be a flat rate of $6.00 for 1-5 polishes.

My only restriction is no more than five polishes to any one person, that way at least 8 people get to share the polishes.

These polishes are all brand new and haven't even been opened for swatching.

Here is a list of all the polishes available, there are some multiples:

***All polishes are now GONE***

antique copper  - GONE
antique copper - GONE
berry - speed dry - GONE
blue glitter - GONE
bo peep - GONE
bottle green - GONE
brandy wine - GONE
burgundy - GONE
charmed - GONE
citrus - GONE
confetti - GONE
confetti - GONE
confetti - GONE
crazy - GONE
delight - GONE
earl grey - GONE
earl grey - GONE
elegant mauve - GONE
english rose - GONE
fire truck - speed dry - GONE
foxy russset - GONE
foxy russset - GONE
hollywood - GONE
jelly - GONE
little boy blue - GONE
midnight - GONE
pearly grape - GONE
pepper pot - GONE
pink colada - GONE
pink pistol - speed dry - GONE
plum violet - missing label  - GONE
royal - speed dry - GONE
snazzle - GONE
spring blossom - GONE
spring shower - GONE
stardust - GONE
sunset coral - speed dry - GONE
sunkissed - GONE
waterlily - GONE
wild berry - GONE 

If you want to grab five free polishes, please follow these instructions:
  1. Leave a comment on this post listing the names of the polishes you are after (no more than five) and your email address.  
  2. Please read other peoples comments to make sure the polishes you want aren't already requested by someone else.  This will be a case of first in, best dressed (or polished in this case).
  3. I will confirm via email (make sure the email address you leave in your comment is one I can contact you on) and provide you with payment options for the postage. You can either pay the $6 via Paypal or direct debit into my bank account.
  4. I will mark polishes ON HOLD on the list as quick as I can and will mark them as GONE when I receive postage payment.  If postage payment is not received in 48 hours after I email you, then the polishes will be released again.
Items will be posted in padded satchels by regular Australia Post. If you want the polishes sent by Express Post the cost is $8.40, and guarantees next day delivery.

First in gets the lacquers, so be quick!


  1. Lucky you!! Happy st Patricks day :D

  2. Ohhhh YAY!

    I would love the following if possible.
    Pink Colada


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  5. That's so nice of you, you ROCK!

  6. midnight
    plum violet
    fire truck
    for ballet flats (via vf)

  7. That is Awesome:

    Foxy Russet
    Wild Berry
    Bo Peep.


  8. I hope these are still available

    Antique Copper
    Brandy Wine
    Foxy Russet
    Pepper Pot

    Thanks in advance!


  9. Going good everyone. Everyone's requests so far are yours. I'll send emails out later this afternoon.

  10. Interesting that four of the five speed dry's are still available. Especially as they are more $$ polishes. Although I must say that I haven't swatched these colours yet either. I might do some quick bottle picks if anyone needs them.

  11. wow that's so nice.
    unfortunately i live in europe

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  13. Hi Kitties26, what a great offer!
    I'd love to try the remaining speed dry's:
    Pink Pistol
    Sunset Coral
    email: jennigeorge at

  14. Hope these are still available.

    blue glitter


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