Tuesday, March 15, 2011

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My secret weapon against the visible nail line

I'm not a fan of the visible nail line. I want my polish to be opaque.  Sometimes when you have a jelly polish or a glitter, or in fact any polish that is sheer, it's almost impossible to get rid of that nail line, even with umpteen coats.

So this is what I do about it.  I searched around, first through my stash, then amongst various brands until I found a nude/flesh coloured polish that was as opaque as possible.  I had an old NYC polish called 'bare something' (sorry the writing and worn off) and it was close, but a little too brown.  I ended up buying OPI Samoan Sands.

Here is one coat of Samoan Sands over a base coat.

Next I apply the sheer polish. For this demo I removed the coat of Samon Sands from the finger on the right and then applied two coats of Ulta 3 Purple Passion to both fingers.

As you can see, with the finger on the right you can see the nail line much easier, and you can also see through to where I have a white mark on my nail.  And trust me when I say this is much more noticeable in real life than in this photo. 

Some might say that this is effectively making the second polish layered over the first, thus changing its appearance.  But from my experience, I can't see a colour difference, and I would much rather hide that nail line whenever possible.


  1. Thanks for the advice! I can use this for Zoya's Bela. :D

  2. What a perfectly timed post. I'd been playing with swatches lately (trying to destash) and moaning about how many were so sheer that I dropped them straight into the destash box.

    I've tried light bases before but none really worked for me so I'll give OPI SS a go. Perhaps I'll be able to rescue a bunch from my 'out' pile :)

  3. Great post - I've seen sheer pastels layered over white, but this works so much better for colors like this! Thanks!

  4. That's a great idea! I'll try this next time I find a colour that's on the sheer side.

  5. good tip! thanks! definitely gonna try this!


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