Monday, March 7, 2011

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I've got the fever...

The Ulta3 fever that is.  I finally got my order from Pulse Pharmacy Online with the six new Ulta3 colours.  Less talk, more pictures.

First up Pacific Fever. A turquoise teal blue with a micro shimmer of the same colour.  This polish is beautiful.  Formula was great, thin and smooth. This was two coats taken in full sun.

Close up of the shimmer in Pacific Fever.

Twilight Fever - WOW, this polish is so great.  It's a dark mushroomy brown, grey, purple (hard to describe), with a bright purple micro shimmer. Again, excellent formula. This was two coats taken in full sun.

Close up of the shimmer in Twilight Fever.

Midnight Fever.  Very dark inky blue.  Indoors it looks almost black.  In the sun you can see the blue colour as well as the bright royal blue micro shimmer.  Good opacity in this one.  I was expecting it to be sheer like Hollywood, and would probably need several coats, but it only needed two. Full sun.

Close up of the stunning bright blue flecks.

Blossom Fever.  This is an interesting polish.  It's a very nude colour.  Very work appropriate.  It makes your fingers look really long as though you don't even have nails.  Again this has a fantastic micro shimmer, this one is pink/red.  This polish was sheerer than the others and required three coats to be opaque.  The shimmer in the bottle seems more obvious than the shimmer on the nail.

Up close of the shimmer in Blossom Fever.  The macro photo shows gold flecks in the shimmer too, which is interesting.

Royal fever. Just a purple cream.  Boring.  I want a micro shimmer in this one too.  Nice polish, but it just doesn't seem to fit in with the others in the group.  Two coats.

Gold Rush Fever - Gold chrome finish, slightly on the warm side but nowhere near as warm toned as Precious.  The only bummer with this one is the streakiness in the application.  Opacity was great, this is two coats.  I think this would work well for Konad stamping.

Up close of the brush strokes of Gold Rush Fever.

So there they are.  I'm super happy with this release of six new polishes from Ulta3.  I like them the best out of the last few releases.  I love the fact they they didn't just do a whole bunch of creams again.  The formula on all these was great, a little thin but gave a good coverage.  You can tell they are nice new polishes and haven't been sitting in the Ulta3 bin in some chemist for 5 years!  All the swatches were two coats, except Blossom Fever which was three.  No top coats, but they all dried to a shiny finish.

The only down side is that Ulta3 polishes are now $2.25 rather than $2.00.  But seriously, there is nothing to complain about here when you get such a great bunch of polishes.


  1. Great polishes! How cool are those glitters? Especially the nude one!

  2. Lovely! Thanks for the swatches..I'll have to visit my locals to see if they have them in yet. Twilight looks much like Chanel Paradoxal swatches.

  3. Hi Kitties! :)

    I didn't realise that you'd come back to blogging but lucky I do now! Congratulations on the girl, she looks adorable!

    On another note, I just *have* to have Pacific Fever. I just can't get enough of teals and turquoises and if they've got shimmer in them, count me in! I also love the nude of Blossom Fever since I don't have Allure, but I wish the pink shimmer shined a little more brightly.

  4. I definitely need Pacific and Twilight Fever! Thanks for the great swatches.


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