Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Holo sandwich

Awesome response to my giveaway already. Thank you to everyone that has filled in the form. I tell you, some of you girls out there have A LOT of nail polish!!  Check it out here if you haven't entered yet.

It would come as no surprise that I love holo polishes.  But one of the biggest problems with some brands (I'm talking about you Nfu Oh) is that they flake and chip so quickly.  I even have this problem with China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscopes.  I even read something about GOSH holographic being specifically made for party's and as such wasn't designed for longevity.

In doing my blog reading catch up I discovered some blog posts from mid last year talking about nail polish sandwiches.  I thought I would try it out and do a wear test.

For my holo sandwich test I used Nfu Oh 63.  The pink holo.  When I wore this in the past it didn't even last one day.  I had chips at the edges and it just flaked off in big chunks (although I didn't use the Nfu Oh Aqua base, which is meant to help with this too).

My holo sandwich was:
  • One coat Nailtek II foundation base coat
  • One coat Nfu Oh 63
  • One coat Australis top coat (I like this top coat cause it works well when I do foils, doesn't have shrinkage and doesn't chip)
  • Two coats of Nfu Oh 63
  • One coat Seche Vite top coat
Here it is at the end of Day 1 - a full 24 hours of wear.

End of Day 2 - full 48 hours. Look still no chips.

End of Day 3 - I can't believe how good this still looked.

My thumb at the end of Day 3.  Yes there is wear there, but no chips or flakes.
After three days I was just busting to change my polish.  Especially as I just got a massive haul in the mail.  But I reckon this holo sandwich would have lasted at least two more days with only tip wear and no chips.

Verdict: If I need my mani to last a few days or I'm going away for a weekend, then I'm taking a polish sandwich with me!


  1. Sandwich method sounds like a keeper! I have to say I'm a little like you, I get bored after 3 days of polish - hence I rarely bother with a top coat... sacrilege!

  2. yum! holo polish sandwich :)

  3. i want this polish so bad :(


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