Wednesday, March 30, 2011

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Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal

I'm taking a break from the holographics to take you down the magical duochrome path that is the magnificant Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal Nail Prisms. 

Turquoise Opal, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
  1. You actually look the same on my nail as you do in the bottle
  2. Thin, smooth formula
  3. Awesome colour changing from turquoise green and blue through to rich royal purple.
  4. Smooth glossy finish, top coat not required
  5. Magnificant in sunlight and indoors.
  6. Sparkley metallic shimmer finish
  7. Great durability.
Ok, so it looks like I love you seven ways.

This was two coats Turquoise Opal over one coat generic black polish.  This first photo was taken in the shade, the rest were in full sun.

This is the Canadian version of the polish, which I actually nabbed off ebay just the other day.  In fact I nabbed two bottles for an excellent price and I have a special idea for what to do with my second bottle.  So stay tuned for that...


  1. Love's beautiful!

  2. is that a giveaway you are hinting at? :)
    i would love to own this beauty!
    i have a prism in my stash but i think 10-year-old me bought the worst one out of the bunch. hah!

  3. Wow, that is a GORGEOUS duochrome! <3

  4. Beautiful.. great pictures of the colors :)

  5. love duos that are turquoise and purples!

  6. Has to be one of the nicest polishes I've ever seen. Straight onto my wishlist

  7. All the nail prisms are lovely. I saw some for like $2 at the shops and despite not being a big pink fan I grabbed everything they offered.

  8. Wow, this is a stunner and you made good pictures of the duochrome effect.

  9. Oh love it! Just added it to my wish list. Going to have to get my mother to look for it back in Canada!

  10. EEEYYYOWWWZA!!!! I love this duochrome madness! I'm gonna have to look out for that one! :D

  11. Wow love love love that nail polish!

  12. Wow thank you all for so many comments. I love receiving comments but I never quite know how to reply to everyone. I guess we all love duochromey goodness. I have heaps more to share in the next few days.

  13. Wow! :)) This must be the most awesome duochrome ever created.

  14. Great polish and awesome pictures! :))


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